The tour

We strongly believe that Food is more than just nutritions. Food is a way to experience a culture and learn about the history of the country and this is exactly what we offer.

ThisFoodTour is now the first official culinary tour operator in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Where we aim to give an Experience to anyone whether Travelers or Locals to experience the diversity in cuisines found in Bahrain. 

Currently, our food tour is operating in Manama Souq " The Arabic version of a Bazaar ". This souq is one the most famous locations in the country, it will surely give you a cocktail of History, Culture, Food, and of course the perfect Instagram shots to share with the rest of the world.

Note: We will take you to secret spots that even many Locals don't know about..

The guide
Yusuf Bukhammas

Yusuf Bukhammas, born and raised in Bahrain and a Bahrain Polytechnic Graduate with a Bachelor of International Logistics management.

He is a Travel addict where he spent many years living and working abroad in USA, Turkey, China, Morocco, Thailand, and many European Countries. In Bahrain, he worked in Sales, Logistics, and eventually found his passion in Photography, filmmaking, and Production. 

Since he was a kid he became a Foodie and tried to cook by learning from his Mother who makes the best dishes, especially desserts. She now operates an instagram business for homemade desserts called @Cheesecaketime. However, he realized he is a better Eater than a Cook and the idea of the Food Tour hit him in 2017 while he was working in Bangkok. He noticed that many countries around the world have Food Tours but his home of Bahrain did not, and now the rest is history with ThisFoodTour.